Cyber Fusion Center

Detect, Respond And Remediate Cyber Threats In Near Real Time And Provide An Integrated View With 24×7 Coverage.

A Cyber Fusion Center (CFC) is a centralized function that integrates security operations from multiple sources, including security devices, threat intelligence feeds, an incident response program, global intelligence, business units and various internal and external stakeholders. 

The primary goal of a Cyber Fusion Center (CFC) is to predict, detect, prevent and respond to cyber threats in a proactive and coordinated manner, using an intelligence-driven analysis and tailored incident response process.

Cyber Fusion Center (CFC) will provide a holistic view of the threat landscape to help remediate vulnerabilities and prioritize security posture during a time of rising threat actor activity. As cybersecurity becomes a more complex and costly business challenge, many organizations have purchased multitudes of products or services and tried to stitch them together. This requires security teams to review tens of thousands of alerts and incidents across multiple, non-integrated dashboards. As a provider of business outcome-based cybersecurity and digital transformation solutions, Inspira works to solve these challenges

The Cyber Fusion Center (CFC) Advantage

Increased Coverage and Confidence

Better visibility and detection capabilities into the organization’s entire network, including critical infrastructure and IT systems

Easy Integration

Works with existing technologies including security systems to deploy advanced threat detection and response tools, and provide real-time threat intelligence and analysis

Automated Incident Response

Response process begins with a preparation phase where every asset, identity and network segment are fully prepared to handle an effective incident response

Cyber Fusion Center (CFC) Vs Security Operations Center (SOC)





Enhanced coverage and visibility of data valueExtra Unusable Data
Ability to build business-centric threat modelsTraditional signature-based detections
Proactively detects and tracks adversary behaviorCan only detect known adversary behavior
Proactively looks for security incidentsReactive or “fire alarm” response to alerts
Generates actionable insights with high fidelityMany false alarms, leading to alert fatigue
Contextualized threat intelligence to understand the human element behind every incidentIOC-based threat intelligence
Intelligence-based detections prior to system compromise with comprehensive root cause analysisInability to reconstruct instructions after the fact
Performs advanced incident scoping and remediation with internal and external stakeholdersCookie-cutter style approach to monitoring security events and notifications

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